Super Lightweight Mini Pump: Topeak RaceRocket CB (The CB Is For Carbon)

A grumpy shop mechanic once said “Headset spacers are the only not-totally-stupid use for carbon.” But that was before Topeak designed the 2011 RaceRocket CB. If he saw this thing, he would surely make an addendum to his statement, “Headset spacers are the only not-totally-stupid use for carbon, ya, those and super lightweight mini-pumps. Those things are okay too…is it time for coffee yet?” The RaceRocket CB “features a full carbon body and handle with anti-slip surface for added grip when pumping.” Like the JoeBlow X.O., this pump uses Topeak’s SmartHead ThreadLock technology to allow for easy transition between valve types. The RaceRocket can pump tires up to 140 psi (9.6 bar), it weighs in at 80 grams (2.82 oz.), and fits easily into a jersey pocket. The msrp is $69.95.

For photos of the gray and gold versions, click more…


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