“They should be open, honest, and speak their minds.” – Bob Stapleton on the HTC-High Road Team

And they do just that. The first thing we hear Cavendish say in the video is: “There’s nothing worse than a blind person.” What does Mark Cavendish have against the blind? What kind of  jerk is this guy? Oops, I guess he says “bland person,” “there’s nothing worse than a bland person.” He’s just got a really thick accent, honest mistake.

The vid is worth the watch for memorable quotes like the ones below…

“He is better looking than me, have a look at him, he’s a specimen.” – Mark Cavendish on Bernhard Eisel

“He walks around in the room, all his muscles out and I’m like…I don’t feel quite as much of a man anymore.”- Cavendish on Bernhard Eisel

“I don’t do modest, I expect to actually win something this year.” -Tejay Van Garderen

“You know, I’m not a [Bleepin’] animal, I’m a human being you know.” – Mark Cavendish


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