2011 from Geometrick on Vimeo.

Geometrick riders Felix and Gusse Dol ring in the new year by smoking some butts and busting some sick moves on their fixies to the sound of Florence and The Machine’sDog Days Are Over.”


  1. not to be all down on these guys, because I sure as hell can’t do 99% of that. But they aren’t doing anything new that hasn’t already been done via bmx. This could have been a highlights reel from 10 years ago. The only difference is wheel size (bmx’ers have gone fixie before so that doesn’t count). just sayin’

  2. Yikes that wouldn’t have been on a highlights reel from 20 years ago. Fixie freestyle is lame. In their defense though the same thing is going on in 26′ freestyle-they lag way behind what the guys in BMX do. Now if you want to talk about guys being innovative in wheel sizes bigger than 20′ look at Danny Macskill. That guy is off the hook.

  3. These videos are ruining this website. Post a few more and I’ll be gone for good. Fixed freestyle is not the content I look for or want when I come to bikerumor.

  4. These guys are very talented. I can’t believe that you are making fun of them. You will be eating crow when fixed gear free styling blows up and these dudes are driving BMW’s and sporting grills.

  5. My wish in life is to eat crow while I have my fronts in. If you think have a grill means you are famous you are wrong. These guys are doing shit 1000s of bmxers can do. I have no respect for guys not doing anything new since quicksilver was released! Fixies are good for two things: your commute, and TRACK!

  6. Funny, I just went searching for awesome bike stunts by jimxwill, kyle, zach, disco dave, or gillis on youtube and vimeo and found _NOTHING_. When you bloviating wannabees can post something even half as impressive as geometric, come back and let us know, and we’ll let you know how you stack up. Otherwise, shut yer pie hole and try riding your bike instead of complaining about it on the web

  7. Well you weren’t looking hard enough zen. I post all my awesome riding video’s on funny-or-die.com. Which is where this video should be. I clearly said I wasn’t as capable as these guys. I was critiquing on the complete lack of originality in it. You on the other hand just whined about whiners, which is fairly common on the interweb. No one asked you to read the comments. So my pie hole will remain open. Feel free to grab a plate and pull up a chair.

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