Lars N’ Bars Episode 1 from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

“It’s kind of a how-to, but mainly just a good time.”

Transition Bikes is putting out a series of videos starring pro downhiller Lars Sternberg, called Lars N’ Bars. In episode one, Lars shows us how to navigate a pretty terrifying root-section…and then shows off a little. The riding is more XC than downhill, but on the very techy side of XC. Free-ride vids are awesome, who doesn’t like watching dudes do 360’s off 60 footers? But this is some great stuff for the gravitationally-challenged majority.

“I kind of look at roots…nasty roots like this, as kind of like a dog that you see on a ride on somebody else’s property. You have to be assertive. If you approach that dog and you’re intimidated and you’re showing fear and you’re not confident, they are gonna take you out.”

– Lars Sternberg

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