Once, while working at a bike shop, I was trying to sell a floor pump to a British woman. “This is the Joe Blow” I said. “Oh my, really, ‘Joe Blow,’ what an unfortunate name” she replied. Apparently “Joe Blow” means something dirty or weird in England, but there’s nothing dirty or weird about the new JoeBlow X.O.. The X.O. stands for “extraordinary,” and, judging by the looks alone, it is. The 2011 Topeak JoeBlow X.O. is one silver gleaming tire-pumping machine. The smooth handle, the wide, stable base, and the barrel (which can handle 200 psi) are all precision machined out of highly polished aluminum. The pump is austere, modern, and elegant, so much so…I think I’m going to ask my wife if we can display one on our mantle as art. When people come over, they might ask me if they can use it and what would follow would probably go something like this:

Me: Look…still has the tag on it, never even used it.
Guest: [Points finger] You’ve never used…?
Me: Don’t touch it!
Guest: Well, I wasn’t going to touch it, I was just pointing at it.
Me: Well don’t point! It can’t be used.
Guest: Don’t point okay…can I look at it?
Me: No. no. That’s it, you’ve seen enough of that one.

The pump also has a braided metal hose long enough to reach bikes mounted on workstands (cool!) and a head that automatically adapts between Schrader and Presta valves. For photos, specs, and a Youtube video of Lego people acting out the above-referenced Spinal Tap scene, click more…


  • Head – SmartHead ThreadLock
  • Barrel – Highly Polished Aluminum
  • Gauge – Oversized Base Mount Analog
  • Hose – X-Long Braided metal
  • Pressure Tuning – Air release button
  • Handle – Highly polished aluminum
  • Capacity – 200 psi/ 13.8 bar
  • Base – Highly polished aluminum
  • Added Features – Ball/Bladder head, Dunlop valve adapter, Hose dock
  • Weight – 1.66 kgs/3.65 lbs
  • Msrp – $139.95

“Its smooth action and long, powerful strokes easily reach pressures up to 200 psi (13.8 bar) to fill even high pressure track tires.”

Okay, now I feel a little dirty and weird.

Below: Topeak’s SmartHead ThreadLock all valve solution.

Schrader mode.

Presta mode.

Don’t let the scale of the hose in the photos fool you, this is the same hose. It automatically adapts from one valve type to the other.

More info on Topeak’s website.


  1. I’m sure Lezyne is making it for them and Topeak just putting they’re name on it. Looks nice. I like it a lot. It’s got a few more details than the CNC Lezyne pump. It says it has an air release button. I can’t find it in the pics. Anyone else?

  2. Yep, it’s a rip-off of a Lezyne pump. And if history plans on repeating iteslf, it will somehow work much better than a Lezyne pump. The thread-on chuck of the Lezyne never wants to freely spin independently from the hose, even after disassembly and lubrication of the o-rings. A number of the gauges stop working. The presta/schrader piece is separate from the hose (losable). When flipping back and forth, the very thin o-ring sometimes tears or gets dislodged.
    I really like the Topeak pump head design on this pump. It’s self-contained. It is likely better thought out.

  3. Lasted not even a year. You can pump but the air is escaping from somewhere around the dial gauge. Has only been used in shed and at velodrome. Not abused. Also the screw on head actually undoes the little valve out of presta valves when you unscrew it. Annoying as hell but a really fast way to deflate a tyre. Went back to $50 pump from Ebay which has served me three years now. When the X.O. worked it blew up tyres with no problem at all, even track tyres with less effort and geez it looked good. But alas gooooone, not really worth the extra cash!!

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