Rock The Cariboo! from Solos Productions on Vimeo.

Up late with nothing to watch? Then maybe you should check out this totally sick mini-movie from Solos Productions. It follows riders James Doerfling, Kurt Sorge, Graham Agassiz, Garett Buehler and Geoff Gulevichon on their trip to Rock The Cariboo! up in the Intermontane region of British Colombia. The opening shot demonstrates just how rad footage from a GoPro chest strap mount can be. It captures the burliness of the plummet down a very snowboard-chute-like descent to a river. It doesn’t end all that smoothly.

Still awake? Then you can also go check out Solo Productions contest. If you buy one of their screensaver images, you’ll win a chance to ride with the rider depicted in the photo.

I guess this whole “up late,” “still awake” business only works if you’re on the east coast of the U.S.. If you’re in say, Bend, Oregon, it’s not that late at all. And if you’re in Edinburgh, Scotland, it’s so late that it’s actually really, really early.

For the back story on the filming of  “Rock The Cariboo!” check out Ridemonkey.

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