Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon, and this bandwagon is rolling over obstacles and absorbing bumps in a heretofore unprecedented manner. That’s because it is a fully-suspended, 29″ wheel-havin’ bandwagon. KHS is getting in on the action with its entry, The Prescott. The basics: The Prescott is a 29er with 80mm of front wheel travel and 3.5″ rear wheel travel. The rear travel is provided by a tried and true 4-bar Horst link. This bike leap frogs over KHS’ previous 29″ offering, the Flagstaff, to become the top-end 29″ full suspension bike in the line with its $3699.99 price tag.

You picking up on a naming theme here? ‘Cause I am. Naming bikes after Arizona towns provides a deep and interesting pool to draw from.

We might see bikes from KHS in the future with bad-ass names like the “Bone Yard” or  “Two Guns.” It is less likely that we will see the “Goobertown” or the “Nothing.”

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  1. The names are because people are crazy for 29ers out here in AZ! I’m a mechanic that moved out here a year ago, and I’ve never seen so many people riding 29ers. But then again majority of the riding is XC, and they seem to love their endurance races too.

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