This video was shot with our test GoPro Hero HD camera using their Chesty mount. It was the first time I used this mount, so it was aimed a bit low…live and learn.  This shows the whole course set up in Bilenky Cycleworks’ backyard, which just so happens to be a junk yard, and was some of the most fun I’ve had “racing” in years.

Pics from the event after the break…


Just a few shots before the foamy beer fueled madness began.

This is one course where it paid to do a little pre-race inspection.

Unfortunately there were no taco handoffs, but they did make for great pre- and post-race snacks. Honest Tom’s is alright by us!

Classy, no? Three kegs didn’t last as long as we’d hoped, and they were awfully foamy pours, but these are more commentary than complaints…there were plenty of canned beers laying around, too.


They’re off…

This junior pretty much crushed the field.

Besides the obvious pleasure of watching the ladies race were the assortment of old-school bikes floating around the venue. Several more photo’d below.


The ramp worked well when people were fast…

…but all it takes is one person to get caught up.

Yours truly coming under the bridge ramp.

Yep, this guy raced:

Along with this guy from the RAD Cru!

It’s amazing (or not) how many people will show up in freezing temps to stand around and ride bikes in a junkyard and drink beer. The event also doubles as Bilenky’s Christmas party.



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