Upon hitting our tongues, the first impression can be summed up in that old Bugs Bunny cartoon regular: “Pow, right in the kisser.”

The effect is enough to wake up your taste buds as much or more than the 25mg of caffeine in it. The flavor is good…a zingy citrus flavor that’s what I reckon Mountain Dew would taste like if you poured it into a shallow bowl and let it air dry until it congealed to a syrup consistency. Oddly, I’m not a fan of Mountain Dew, but I liked this. A lot.

Besides the new flavor (and those introduced at Interbike), Clif Shot has been reformulated to have a thinner consistency for easy squeezing and more electrolytes for less cramping.  The packaging has also been updated recently, with more rounded corners so it won’t snag your jersey pocket and the opening is narrower so you can aim better.

Depending on the level of caffeine, Clif Shots are 85% to 90% organic. Click “more’ to see the ingredients and back of packaging…

What do you think?