While the Moots Psychlo X RSL with Sram Red might be insanely exciting to most people, for me, personally, this is the more exciting bike. There’s just something about the permanence of a titanium single-speed that does it for me. Your drivetrain components aren’t going to become obsolete in two years and, while you may have spent a fortune on the bike, you aren’t going to have to replace anything but rubber and chains for the foreseeable future. Beautiful.

As mentioned afore (as we say in my grammatically challenged household), the guys from Moots weren’t just showing off these pretty things out at Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, Oregon; they were out there riding them in the mud and the blood and the spilled Deschuttes beer. Matt Pronovost rode the above bike to a 22nd place in the enormous and stacked single-speed category and Moots sales and marketing dude, Jon Cariveau rode his Syc X to a brilliant 4th place. Single-speeding in Oregon is serious business, and results like those are nothing to sneeze at.

Lots more photos, a couple more words, and some numbers after the break…

The Moots Syc X, as shown, weighs in at 14.25 lbs.

Moots track style dropout.

Sram Red makes a fine single-speed crank.

Wow, it’s so pretty…my camera had trouble focusing on it.

Is anyone else impressed that the guys from Moots ride their bikes as well as they do?

The Syc X prototype shares basically all the features of its geared counterpart — BB 30 press-fit bottom bracket, flattened out-bridge-less chainstays, and over-sized, butted tubes in the main frame.


  1. I love TI. I love knowing it will hold up to anything I do to it. It’s repairable, recyclable, and doesn’t require paint. It’s light can be stiff yet forgiving. To me Ti is never obsolete. I love my Ti Kona King Kahuna. I can look forward to getting a Ti cx bike someday too (although my current steel rig isn’t bad, just heavy).This Moots looks awesome. I love the mono seat stay. Although I’d prefer some sort of eccentric option with standard dropouts for easier wheel changes.

  2. MOOTS they are on of the few that stick with their thoughts – the future of our world.
    Great bike.
    Ti, steel, carbon when the bike is great doesn’t matter the product, feeling is true the rest is marketing.
    Enjoy your ride and don’t think much of anything of what the bike gives you out side.
    last a great bike is one with which you build memory.
    have a lot of fun

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