USA Cycling announced on their website today that the city of Richmond, Virginia will bid on a major cycling event this Monday, presumably the World Road Championships. In a brief message, communications director Andrea Smith simply said “Mayor Jones and USA Cycling to announce city’s bid for major cycling event. An international cycling event of this caliber has not been held in the US for almost 25 years.” More info after the break…

We can only assume this refers to the 1986 World Championships, held in Vail, Colorado. The release included the logo pictured above, and announced that the press conference in Richmond on Tuesday, December 21 at 10:30 a.m. would be broadcast live on, which is not yet up.

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  1. I here in Richmond and let me assure you it would be bad ass. Cobblestone anyone? Just ask Lance and George about Church Hill where as young guns in 92ish they took it to em on the 23rd street cobbled climb…3 times.

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