bella ciao hand polished classic retro alloy bicycle handlebars

Bella Ciao has introduced thir new “Componenti Speciali” line of hand polished classic handlebars for the UK market.

The bars are made of aluminium 7075 and are meticulously hand polished, resulting in a subtle surface shine effect, which Bella Ciao says is very similar to the vintage Cinelli or TTT classic stems and bars.

Hand polishing is done by working with a rotating tool to achieve the unique finish, and the bars are hand-crafted exclusively for them, to their own specifications, by a small workshop in Germany. Diameter for all the bars is 22,2mm with a stem clamping diameter of 25,4mm.

In order of appearance, the models are:

  • Model CS4A Flat Bar: width 51 cm, weight 220 gms
  • Model CS3A Riser Bar: width 55.5 cm, weight 220 gms
  • Model CS1A Sweptback/Upright Bar: width 50.5 cm, weight 300 gms
  • Model CS2A Sweptback/Upright Bar: width 49 cm, weight 260 gms

Each one retails for £30.00 and available from Bikesales4u.

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