shimano dura-ace-di2 electronic satellite shifter SW-7972 for sprinters

Shimano has just announced a new Dura-Ace Di2 satellite shifter aimed at sprinters that allows them to shift the rear derailleur from the drops while maintaining a firm grip on the handlebar.

The small lever buttons can be mounted anywhere on the bar and plug into existing dual control levers. There are separate buttons for left and right, with the right hand shifter handling downshifts and the left taking care of upshifts.

Shimano has already provided alternative shift button placements with their electronic aero-bar end shifters for triathletes and time trialists and their remote button module for easier shifting from the top of the bar. Now, sprinters have an option all their own.

They’ll be available come February 2011, pricing isn’t set.


  1. Currently there are only two ports on each shifter body meaning one is for the main wiring harness and the other can be used for a satellite shifter or the flight deck computer.

  2. the flight deck will not interfere with satellite shifter mounting. There will be a different front wiring kit for use with Flight Decks when they become available, current front wiring kits mention, “w/o flight deck.”
    On another note, I think people modifying Di2 for offroad are going to love this, as it will (easily) allow for upshifting on the front of the bar, like a trigger, while shifting to an easier gear can stay on the back of the bar for thumb use.

  3. you know eventually Shimano will team up with Giro/Bell and develop shifters controlled via brain waves and mounted in your helmet.

  4. I have a beard and ride a recumbent. When will Shimano introduce the capability for the shifters to calculate my current gear-inch selection, overlay it onto a Google Maps mashup, and post it to my Twitter account in real time as I ride?

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