Autum, makers of bicycles and, due to a self-admitted case of A.D.H.D, other irreverent things, is now offering a limited run of retro cruisers. How limited is the run? They are making seven…seven bikes. Now that’s limited. The number of each bike in the edition is printed on the stem (pictured after the break). The bike is called the “Minion,” it retails for $1630.00, and it is available directly from Autum’s website.

For specs and detailed photos of the Minion and photos of Autum’s leather laptop cases and wallets, click more…

  • Custom Built – USA
  • Overbuilt, Cantilever Steel Frame
  • Double Spring Linkage Fork
  • 4130 Chromoly 3 Piece Cranks
  • Sealed Bottom Bracket
  • Polycarbonate Platform Pedals
  • Coaster Brake
  • Extra Wide 50mm Aluminum Rims
  • 2.35”  Balloon Tires
  • Laser Engraved ID Number
  • Brooks B73 Spring Saddle
  • Brooks Leather Ring Grips
  • Limited Production of (7)
  • Complimentary Shipping
  • Built To Order, Please Allow 3-4 Weeks For Delivery

The Zeitgeist: an alternative wallet.

The Straight Jacket Laptop case comes in three sizes.


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