At Interbike 2009, the big footwear buzz was Chrome’s bombproof, bike-friendly take on your favorite Chuck Taylors. But for 2010, it was DZR Shoes who took it a step further by releasing a line of attractive, casual shoes that were now SPD-compatible.

I’ve been around a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of really dumb SPD sneakers from brands that should know better. But DZR got this right with classic shoes that avoid a ‘trendy’ label without looking out of date or missing the mark, and The Loafer is no exception. Available up front in both men’s and women’s, they are a ridable take on the slip-on that utilizes a strap to keep your foot in place and should be available any day.

Read our Interbike coverage on DZR Shoes here, and be sure to check out a technical breakdown of the shoe’s awesomeness, in the form of a diagram, after the jump…

PS- Quite frankly, they had one of the best ideas I’ve seen around this industry in a long time, with their sizing PDF that can be printed and used to make sure you get the right size in their shoe. Kudos, y’all.

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