Over the years there have been a lot of tire manufacturers with claims of “worry free” flat proof riding. With tires any where from solid rubber, to foam, to Kevlar belts, it’s all been done with varying results (anyone remember Amerityre?). So what if there was a tire that couldn’t get a flat, wasn’t a pain in the ass to install, and had a standard rubber tread, are you intrigued?

Hutchinson is hoping that you are, and that their new flat proof Serenity tubeless tires will fit the bill.

Find out how they work after the break!

Clearly, some massive screws through any tire would mean pulling over to change a flat, so how does the Serenity line get around this? The secret is closed cell foam, which due to the millions of air pockets offer a ride quality similar to a pneumatic tire inflated to around 60 psi – right about where city tires should be inflated to. Due to the foam, obviously a puncture won’t damage the rest of the foam allowing the tire to keep its shape and happily rolling along. Clearly if you were to encounter screws this large protruding from your tire you would want to remove them to prevent them from damaging your frame or fork!

Hutchinson even went as far as to have a bed of nails that you could ride a bike equipped with the Serenity tires over to show just how flat proof they really were. To my knowledge the closest tire in the past to the Serenity would be the Amerityre, however the Serenitys are apparently much easier to install and incorporate the rubber tread the Amerityre lacked. Apparently once the rubber tread wears out, riders will be able to replace only the treaded portion of the tire without even having to remove the rest of the tire.

In other tubeless tire news, Hutchinson was highlighting the growing amount of Road Tubeless partners and introduced a new road tubeless tire as well. Road tubeless is really starting to catch on, but it definitely helps to have more wheel and tire choices so that riders aren’t pigeon holed into certain parts. Having spent a good amount of time on an early Dura Ace Tubeless wheelset with the first generation of Hutchinson Fusion Pro Tubeless tires I can say that the ride quality is worth it, and can’t wait for more tire manufacturers to jump on board.

The newest tire in Hutchinsons Road Tubeless family is called the Intensive, and is a ultra durable, puncture resistant tire. Made with similar 127 tpi casing as the other tubeless tires, the 320g tire will be great for training, fall/winter riding, or anyone who prizes durability over weight. The Intensive will only be available in 700 x 25c and will feature Hutchinsons carbon tubeless bead. The Intensive also features a slightly more aggressive all weather tread design to improve grip in questionable road conditions.


  1. the bike is swobo junk. ugliest bikes made. i bet these tires dont alot of rolling resistance huh? solid chunk of rubber should get rollin pretty quick.

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