After posting the close up shots of this I.F. Ti-Deluxe with its “Transition” paint, there were quite a few requests to “ZOOM OUT!” It was sort of like, damn, I can’t remember what movie it was — I think it was a Cheech and Chong thing — where a dude is watching a woman undressing on T.V., and when she walks off camera, he presses his face to the screen and peers sideways, trying to catch a glimpse of her. Sort of just like that. But you guys are in luck, because this woman just walked back on camera.

How did this happen?

Well, I threw on my Bike Rumor! jet pack (it has Gatling guns on it like the one from Kick Ass, it’s totally sweet) and flew up to Montreal to track down the new owner and get some wider angle shots of the bike. He was a little freaked out when I came blasting up, landing on the trail ahead of him in a cloud of smoke, but he calmed right down after I told him “Dude, calm down, or I will shoot you with my Gatling guns.”


(Find out what really happened and check out another photo after the break…)

I chose not to don my jet back, instead I emailed Tyler at I.F. and asked him if he had any more shots of the bike. This was his response:

No full shot, sorry. As soon as the bike was out of paint it was picked up personally by the customer (long drive from Montreal). They dropped off some beer and were just about to leave when I pulled off a last minute hand-held photo shoot. It was shot at arms length with a 35mm lens… so I only had so much focal distance to play with.

Hence the macro shots.

Why paint Ti? Because it can look this good. That is why.


  1. The bike and paint job were designed by Will Ficner – one of the owners of The Steelwool Bicycle Company/Tall Tree Cycles which is located in Ottawa, Canada.

    The frame was beautifully made by Independent Fabrication.

    Extremely light. The bike has been out for several serious rides already, and, as expected, it proved to ride exceptionally well.

    More photographs will likely appear soon on the Tall Tree Cycles website ( ) or the ride blog: ( ).

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