• Join the 24 hour fun ride, Le Tour de Tryptophan, and help raise money for 5-year-old Leukemia Cancer Fighter Tyler Blick (poster above). Friday, November 26 thru Saturday the 27th, noon to noon. Click here for full size poster and details.
  • DealerCamp has added a “Pick Me” subsidy request for dealers that want a partially paid invite to their 2011 event in Park City. A total of 125 subsidized spots are available, with some shops being picked by the vendors that pay to exhibit there, and others that go to pickmefordealercamp.com and make their case.
  • People for Bikes now has 150,000 signatures, and they want to double that by having everyone get one more person to sign the pledge. They’ve made it easy to pass along the link with this form, and every additional signature gives the group more clout when dealing with politicians and decision makers. And that means more access, bike lanes and cycling infrastructure.
  • IMBA has announced six new Epic Rides including Black Rock (Falls City, OR), Fresno-Sauceda Loop (Big Bend Ranch State Park, TX), Hurrican Cliffs (Hurrican, UT), MoCO Loop (Montgomery County, MD), Oak Mountain (Oak Mountain State Park, AL) and Rock Lake (Cable, WI). Info on all of these trail systems is at that link.
  • Water.org, which is co-founded by Matt Damon, has partnered with CamelBak to provide limited edition water bottles to raise awareness of the global water crisis impacting more than 2 billion people. The Water.org “Bottle Project” aims to help make safe drinking water available in 14 countries. There are many ways to contribute, but this particular purchase is simple and powerful – helping bring clean water to people in need. Water.org is selling CamelBak Better Bottles to raise awareness and funds for the cause.
  • Sue Haywood has joined Gene Hamilton’s BetterRide mountain bike training and will be coaching a series of 2-Day Bike Skills Camps in Virginia.  These camps are limited to 8 riders each and are geared to help riders of all experience levels greatly improve their core mountain biking skills.  Students can sign up at BetterRide.net

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