Rolf Prima has debuted their new 58CX, a 1440g tubular wheel set that was designed just for cross with its reinforced rim and spoke count of 16/16. Yep, just 16 paired spokes per wheel!

The 58CX wheelset uses their proprietary 58mm carbon rim, made-in-the-USA TdF4.4 hubs with titanium freehub body and Differential Flange Diameter flanges on the rear. Both wheels use paired 14G bladed spokes with internal, self-locking threaded alloy nipples. Together, these features combine with the front hub’s 85mm wide flange placement and oversized axles front and rear to let the wheels claim to have enough lateral and torsional stiffness to handle all the power you can put into it. The rims have fiberglass impregnated brake sidewalls improve braking and durability.

That package is good for front and rear weights of just 610g and 830g respectively. They come with titanium quick release skewers, too. SRAM/Shimano or Campy compatibility. MSRP: $2,199.

Looking for a singlespeed cyclocross wheel? Rolf Prima has a set of those, too, right after the break…

I suppose cleaning a geared bike in freezing temps after a nasty, cold, wet ‘cross race could be equally as bad, so for those that prefer to suffer more on the course than afterward, Rolf Prima has the SSCX aluminum wheelset that’s available with either clincher or tubular rims.

Based on their VCX ‘cross wheels, they feature their signature paired spoke design with 31mm deep rims. The hubs are flip-flop singlespeed/fixed and also available with a White Industries Eccentric ENO hub that lets you convert any bike into a singlespeed. You can get them with either 120mm or 130mm spacing. Weight is 1540g/set (665F / 875R), and add about 85g to the rear wheel if you get the ENO hub. Each set comes with reinforced rim tape and CNC’d frame bolts. MSRP is $749 for regular or $799 for the eccentric version.


  1. I want t get the SS CX wheels and build up a cross frame as a single speed belt drive. But, I would use an older frame with carbon seat stays that have an actual bolt that holds them to the drop outs, like a Bianchi Cross Concept or something. It would make the best SS CX bike ever.

  2. Why would you put so much into a single speed cross bike to race
    that’s like racing a high end single speed mountain bike.
    Multi speed bikes are whats up.
    I.E. sram red, or campy record looks way sexier than a rubber belt will any day

    Also internal nipples on carbon tubular is generally a bad idea for maintenance
    I think i will shtick to my edge wheels for the rest of this year

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