The New Danny MacAskill video is like bacon for the eyes.

The film follows Danny’s street trials odyssey  from Edinburgh to his home of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. From the opening shot of his insane front flip off a wall in Edinburgh, to the driftwood back flip (that you probably saw in the trailer), to his final front flip off a small building on the Isle of Skye, the film is amazing to watch. As MacAskill’s bike technique and artistry has evolved, so too has the technique and artistry of the film crew documenting him, the result is nothing short of jaw dropping.

The question is: how can it get better than this? Is it even possible? After watching MacAskill’s breakout video, Home, we probably thought the same thing, but then The Way Back Home came out and blew our minds all over again. I have no doubt that MacAskill and crew’s next venture will blow our minds all over again…again.

If you’d like to revisit Danny MacAskill’s Home to compare and contrast, check it out after the break…


  1. Sometimes you get a little numb to just how crazy this stuff is! As soon as he jumped over that fence/gate from level ground I was reminded…I was just thinking, how could I ever get over that on my MT Bike???

  2. I gotta say that it’s the little things that blow my mind (after the deadwood and front flips), like him coasting by on top of the wrought iron fence which is like 1 inch wide…

    the man’s a legend. sick.

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