Look’s Keo Blade pedals originally came only with a Ti spindle now has a less expensive and only slightly heavier chromoly spindle version.

The Keo Blade proclaims to have the largest pedaling platform of any pedal. We’ve used them and they are pretty wide and stable. The new chromoly version comes in at just under 115g per pedal, about 20g each heavier than the Ti versions. Otherwise, they share the injected carbon fiber body and Gray Keo cleats. They roll on two roller bearings and one needle bearing, and you have the option of 12Nm or 16Nm carbon retention “springs” to suit your tastes for tension.

There’s also an aerodynamic time trial version that debuted in July worth checking out. Spec list after the break…

Body: Injected Carbon Fiber
Axle: Oversized Chromoly
Thread: 9/16 x 20mm
Roller Bearing: 2 Roller Bearings, 1 Needle Baering
Height: Axle / Sole – 15.7mm
Axle Distance: Pedal / Crank – 53mm
Multitensor: 12Nm or 16Nm
Cleats: Grey Keo Cleat Included
Weight: 115 grams – 230 grams a Set
Price: $319 ($419 for Ti version)

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