Radical Lights' racer Josh Carlson takes the fastest night lap at the 2010 24 Hour World Solo Championships

Radical Lights is a racer-owned bike light company out of New South Wales, Australia.

Designed to be lightweight, durable and efficient, the units claim to weigh just 95g to 107g for the light heads (with mounts!) while bringing a host of features to the trail.

There are three systems, the Podda, RadXL and Chutta, with lumens ranging from 910 to 1285, meaning they’re all business…not a low-lumen commuter in sight. Features include auto-shut off and temperature monitoring to protect the battery and light head, various light outputs and strobes, on/off switch locks to prevent accidental turn ons and they’re topped off with a lifetime warranty. Minimum run times are 3 to 6 hours depending on the model, with max run times on lower power settings getting all the way to 25 hours or more.

Check out close ups of the lights after the break…

Radical Lights Podda with handlebar mount.

PODDA Mk2 features:
• 1259 lumens
• 4.5 hours to 24 hours runtime
• powerful, focused smooth beam

CHUTTA  features:
• 910 lumens
• 3 hours to 36 hours runtime

Check them out at radical-lights.com for full specs and details.


  1. Bought a Podda Mk2 set about 6 weeks ago. Can outshine a car’s headlights on the commute. Even better off road.

    All the pieces came with a name tag permanently attached – no chance of mixing up lights at races.

    Little semi hard case to keep all the bits in. Expensive perhaps, but upgradable & just stunning output

  2. 1K for a light is silly. light prices are trending down and this one is way up there… looks very sweet but cant imagine they are selling too many of these. at least they ship intl for free.

  3. If you ride with a light like this on your commute, you’re out of your mind. Sure, it outshines a car’s headlight, but that’s probably because a car’s headlight is focused down at the ground so it doesn’t blind oncoming traffic. Riding with a light like this on the road is like a car keeping its high beams on all the time.

  4. lights like this ARE dangerous on the road. in Germany, it’s illegal. a powerful, legal example is the Big Bang by Busch & Muller. It’s an HID, older tech, but the point is it has a reflector that cuts off the light below eye level, so you don’t blind oncoming traffic. It then has an optional lens that evens out the light if you are offroading.
    More lights should offer things like that.

  5. Got one of these after saving up. Insane output

    Agree with above, it would be crazy to use on higher setting for a commute. Mine lasts all week on the commute as I only need to use the second lowest setting. During the day, i use the lowest flashing mode so I can be seen too. When it gets dark, use fixed mode.

    Being able to upgrade is a nice touch. Packaging was nice. Has a solid feel to it. Many who have seen it are also surprised how damn light they are. Me included.
    Could not be happier.

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