“Mom, Dad…I want to go to Lees McRae. I wanna major in Appalachian Studies and minor in Bicycling Studies.”

“Don’t be ridiculous dear, no one offers that…a “Bicycling Studies” minor, PFF! Now stop making things up or we’ll cut off your crack allowance”

But they do…or they will. Lees McRae College, nestled in the green hills of the Cherokee National Forest of northern North Carolina is going to be offering a Bicycling Studies minor come fall 2011. The introduction of the program is part of an effort to revitalize the college and put it on the map  as one of the premiere cycling schools in the nation. And we’re talking about a school that is already surrounded by dual slalom and XC mountain bike courses; a school that already boasts a cycling room with showers; and a school that already possesses a Division I cycling program.

Hey mom and dad, it could be worse — your kid could want to go to Vincennes University, in Vincennes Indiana to major, yes MAJOR in Bowling Industry Management; or Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi to major in Sports Ministry. Um, those aren’t jokes. To find out what Sports Ministry is all about, via incredibly informative video, click more…


  1. Hey, Thom. Be careful! At one point you could major in Bagpipe Performance or Scottish Highland Dancing at Belhaven College. The Jackson Caledonian Society funded the scholarships.

    Josh (recovering Scot)

  2. Fort Lewis College IS the NUMBER 1 cycling program in the country !!! Go Skyhawks !!!

    Division I Team Omnium

    1. Fort Lewis College
    2. University of Colorado
    3. Lees-McRae College
    4. California Polytechnic
    5. Lindsey Wilson College

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