We’ve got a ton of schwag piling up here in the Bikerumor World HQ, with some goodies from new sponsors Rudy Project, Squirt Lube, DeFeet and ByeKyle (Simple Strap), too.  All told, it’s well over $2,000 worth of goods, and we’re giving it all away for free because we love you. Tomorrow we’re taking inventory of it all, boxing it up nice and neat and getting everything ready to head to Asheville, NC, for our big, giant, tremendously awesome Schwag Toss!

Where, you ask?

Well, first we should thank most of the local shops for offering up their parking lot or being understanding that we’d likely need to use one of the other shops’ locations…everyone’s been really cool and it’s great to get some unilateral support from a major cycling town. So, where? We’re headed to Motion Makers on Saturday, November 6, and we’ll be set up and ready at 12:30pm. We’ll start tossing the goods shortly thereafter, so come on time (but not too early, please) and plan on hanging out for a few minutes…we’ve got a couple of fun things planned, so you might want to bring your bike helmet.

Come one, come all…it’s open to everyone and it’s totally free!

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