Apparently, while playing host to a quickly growing gravity scene with downhill racing at it’s forefront, the legality of DH mountain biking in Tasmania is being called into question, especially in the Capitol city of Hobart. The threat of losing the ability to ride DH on some of Tasmania’s best trails is so great, that a petition has been created and is being circulated by the Hobart Mountain Bike Masterplan Consultative Committee.

A word from Nathan Sidney, a member of the Hobart Mountain Bike Masterplan Consultative Committee:

You probably will not have heard of the Greater Hobart Mountain Bike Masterplan, currently being drafted under the purview of the Hobart city Council.  Hobart, as you may know, is the capital city of the state of Tasmania, a beautiful island off the south coast of mainland Australia.  DH MTB is rather popular down here, as you can imagine, being the only Australian capital city located on the foothills of a mountain of any considerable height (Mt Wellington).  Despite the sports popularity, the legal status of DH on many of our best trails is dubious at best.  As part of my role on the Masterplan Consultative Committee, I and a few others have drafted a petition, calling for some quite serious overhauling of the current situation vis a vis DH MTB .  There are hard copies floating around in my community as well as an online version.  A significant show of support from the international community can only help our cause.

If you’d like to help out, all you need to do is sign the petition as a show of international support.

The URL for the petition is:

Background on the Masterplan can be found at:

The DH population of the State of Tasmania thanks you.


  1. I loved Tasmania so much I’m actually planning on a 1 week trip of circling the island on bike. On road it is one of the most diverse scenery all in 1 place anywhere in the world!

  2. A big thank you to Bikerumor and its user community. Looking through the signature list I see quite a few “foreign nationals” , a lot of whom are from the states. We appreciate your support. Tourism is vital to our island, so please do not think for a moment that signing this petition is a waste of time. A large international show of interest/solidarity will be invaluable ammunition as we face up to council and “hostile” land managers. Thanks again and please spread the word!

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