The Sufferfest, which without a doubt makes the best, most rewatchable and unapologetically difficult trainer videos, has another new one coming out this November called The Hunted.

We’ve reviewed a few of their videos here and here, and are embarrassed to say we haven’t yet tried Angels, their climbing specific vid…partially because we’re afraid and partially because it’s actually been pretty nice out ever since we downloaded it.

What’s that? Downloaded it? Yep, his videos are download only, saving such things as packaging, shipping and money…they’re just $10.99 a pop. And well worth it in our opinion.


  1. Your timing is perfect with this… the weather here in Vancouver has turned wet and I’m dying for some training time. I’ll grab this one soon, but am going to try “The Downward Spiral” one this weekend. I’m grabbing it now.

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