Supposing you’re across the pond yet are a fan of the Snob. You could have:

a) bought the book from any of the online sources and paid exorbitant shipping that was probably negated by your favorable exchange rates.

b) made a trip here for something else and bought it.

c) waited patiently until someone started publishing it over there.

Had you chosen the latter, you’re wait is over, giving you and your hipster friends one less thing to complain about while sipping your fancy shade grown, small batch, roasted yesterday, obscure brand peaberry coffee. Hardie Grant will be publishing a hardback version for the UK starting November 1 for £9.99.

Of course, the Kindle version is only $9.99, which means you could have had the electronic version for even less (again, exchange rates) all along, mocking those knobs who still insist on physical books that shite on our environment with all their printing, warehousing and shipping as you barely make the effort to peer over your iPad to smugly convey your superiority and disdain.

What do you think?