Kirk Pacenti, who’s been leading the 650B charge (read our interview with him here) while maintaining a catalog of lugs and frame parts for custom builders at the website, has decided to sell off the parts biz to focus on building his mainstream line of components in conjunction with while working at Lynskey Performance Titanium. Here’s the official story:

CHATTANOOGA, TN (BRAIN)—After more than a decade of producing proprietary lugs, fork crowns, BB shells and drop-outs, Kirk Pacenti has decided to sell to pursue other opportunities in the bicycle industry.

“I have really enjoyed serving the custom frame building community. But my goals have changed, and I want to focus on designing and producing more mainstream, consumer oriented bicycle components,” Pacenti said.

Pacenti recently took a position at Lynskey Performance Design as production manager, and he is leveraging the success of his 650b tire line to develop other products such as rims, handlebars, stems and seat posts.

“I am currently seeking financial partners to help grow Pacenti Cycle Design into a full fledged component brand on par with Ritchey, WTB and Syncros,” he added. “My ideal scenario would be to partner with a large bicycle manufacture and build a component brand similar to the Trek Bontrager model.”

Pacenti is currently talking with several potential buyers for the brand. Though nothing has been finalized yet, he hopes to complete the sale of by the end of the year. For more information contact kirk (at)


  1. ironically enough, his successful ZTR 355 rim is no longer available in 650b (at least on his website). hopefully, there won’t be a huge lag time between the development of a new replacement over there at Lynskey and then actually bringing it to market. now that there’s some more $$$ behind the effort, maybe we’ll finally see a 650b rim offered in crabon fribe’… it would certainly set Lynskey/Pacenti well apart from their competitors who have yet to offer one.

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