On display in Turin during the Giro d’Italia 2011 presentation was a special Gir0-themed Pinarello equipped with the long-awaited Campagnolo electronic shifting system.

The system, it seems, is superficially similar to Shimano’s DI2 system, but uses finger paddles on the brake hoods instead of buttons. It will also run with Campagnolo’s 11-speed cassette – one more cog than Di2’s 10.

Campagnolo have confirmed that Movistar are the only team to be using the system in 2011. They’ll be riding Pinarellos similar to the one on display (Pinarellos are now the Giro’s official bike), and will effectively be the Campag test team, smoothing out any glitches in the system before the big boys get a hold of it.

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Valentino Campagnolo and Fausto Pinarello with the new bike. Photo: CyclingNews/Sirotti.

More photos at CyclingNews.com.


  1. On Youtube you can see that Campy was testing the electronic-shifting already with the Pro-team Predictor-Lotto in 2007. I am sure Cadle was also testing it. So what is the achivement by testing it with another Pro-team ? When will it come to market or will there be a completly different shifting based on Camps great wheels or cranks ?

  2. jeez…
    How many years have we been waiting for this? They started this project well ahead of Shimano…Hell, they had pro’s on the prototypes ages before Shimano…and somehow they are, now, years behind.. Are they building components or making wine.
    I can’t wait to see what this will cost (?)…I suspect suddenly Di2 will seem like a deal.

  3. Wait a minute. Are we going to hear all of the “purists” stop complaining now that the company with so much heritage is officially going to bring an electronic system to market?

  4. I can’t imagine this electronic system being cheaper than Super Record group, which would make this thing affordable only to die hard Campy fans that owns oil rig or two. So Shimano, where is that Ultegra electronic group that perhaps us commoners can afford?

  5. The Campy have been testing this for years and production is totally another matter. Problem with them is always costs and looks. They looked ancient even with Carbon on and costs heaps of dough more…..to beat the market, even Ferrari knows, they have to stop making cars that break down in order to continue to have people burn cash, since there is now the VW onslaught with superbly made Lambos. Campy has be lagging for lightyears….hope they wake up before they suffer what Nikon did with digital photography, before they woke up to their stupor, they are now years and heaps of market share behind Canon.

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