If you recall the cool little Contrail contraption we showed as a concept a little over a year ago, you’ll dig knowing that they are inching closer to making it a reality through the community based capital raising site Kickstarter. Wanna help make it a reality or just learn more? Check out the letter we just got from them:

Dear Contrail Supporters,

We’ve raised over 25% of our $10,000 goal, but we only have 37 days left to raise the rest.

We need your help in one of three ways.

1. You can make a pledge on Kickstarter. We have some great awards so please watch our video and consider funding us on Kickstarter:

2. Get the word out! Please pass this on to all the bicycle enthusiasts, artists and social entrepreneurs you know. We need to make as many people aware of this as possible and you can do so much just by forwarding this message, tweeting about us and posting our website to Facebook.

3. Connect us to your network. If you know of any non-profits or brands that could use Contrail in a creative way, please let us know. We’ll reach out to them and see how we can work together.

Thank you so much for your support and helping us make Contrail a reality!


What do you think?