Rollapaluza getting the kids involved

Rollapaluza, the UK champions of the roller-racing revival have announced their usual two-up roller racing rig has been fitted with Cycleops Powertap hubs. Roller racers will now be able to check out their wattage as they race to beat their opponent to the 500m target.

It also means anyone can now see how they measure up against Manfred Nuscheler, the (retired) Swiss roller-racing champion who, live on TV, notched an average of 1020W over a minute, powering 100 electric razors, and hitting a three-second max of 2378W. For more on his world records, and pics, see the Goldsprint site.

In addition to the power meters, Rollapaluza have fitted their four-up rig (used for two-against-two, Madison-style roller-racing), with full digital timekeeping.

We’re just entering roller-racing season, a good way of keeping your sharpness over the winter, so get practising!

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