Downhill Downunder is teaming up with Oxfam to help provide families in developing countries with goats. That would be ONE-THOUSAND goats to be exact. For every T-Shirt you, yes you buy, during the months of November and December, Downhill Downunder will donate the purchase price of a goat to OXFAM. The T-Shirts are $54.95 and can be purchased HERE.  Yes that’s one expensive shirt, but you’re really buying a goat; not a T-Shirt. You don’t get to keep the goat, but you probably don’t need or even want a goat anyway do you? Maybe you can arrange a special deal with OXFAM where you get to exchange photos and letters with your goat…every letter you get back will show the growth and progress you’ve made possible. For the official press release and details on how you can help, click more…


Australian based are supporting the OXFAM “Unwrapped” program assisting communities in developing countries. During the months of November / December Downhill Downunder will donate a goat for every DD T-Shirt purchased from their website at

Downhill Downunder Head goat Ken Mountain-Goat says “Our goal is to provide 1000 Goats to developing countries via Oxfams wonderful Unwrapped program. The Goat is a fantastic icon for our Company and to be able to use that to launch a program such as this is just such a great thrill for us.”

The project works pretty simply – customers go the site, buy a t-shirt and Downhill Downunder will immediately order an Oxfam goat on their behalf. They will receive a blank gift card in the post soon after.

“I guess people will have an expectation of receiving a cheap shirt in the post , so I guess it is important for us to let people know that shirts are high quality organic cotton so that we sell more shirts and can buy more Goats !!!”

Here is what Oxfam say about giving a Goat as a gift: “As part of Oxfam Australia’s commitment to the environment, goats are only provided to communities where goat keeping is a traditional way of life. We also provide training in keeping animals, vaccination and de-worming. The distribution of goats through a revolving fund to orphans and other vulnerable children provides a source of income to allow them greater economic independence.” Charmaine Consul Goncalves, Mozambique Program is the home of mountain biking in Australia with rider profiles, race calendar, news and events, trail guides. swap & sell, club information and a range of quality merchandise designed in Australia by Ken Mountain goat for Aussie riders.

To find out more about in this initiative go to


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