Single Speed World Championships down in Rotorua, New Zealand are just a week away, but it’s not too late to sell a bodily organ and get yourself a plane ticket. Niner Bikes will even give you a free beer if you show up to their party Thursday night astride a Niner Bicycle. That free beer will do a lot to offset the cost of your $2000 plane ticket. Hey, beer is very expensive in Rotorua. There will also be a raffle to benefit the Rotorua Single Speed Society, which I believe is a non-profit group dedicated to getting at risk youth off of geared bikes and the imbibing of neon green electrolyte drinks and onto single-speed bikes and the swilling of brown, diuretic, inebriating beverages.

The party goes down right after the “Deciders” (some sort of competitive event that decides next year’s venue) at Basement Cinema, some time around 8 O’clock (SSWC schedules can be a little, uh…blurry) on October 21st. Check Niner’s Facebook page for updates and further details.


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