Independent Fabrication built this custom steel Deluxe single speed 29er with Paragon sliding dropouts and a painted-to-match Niner carbon fork for some very lucky Kiwi. The bike is being sent to the “land way down under (and a little to the right)”  just in time for the Single Speed World Championships on October 23rd. Why is there a big shoe box obscuring your view of this fine bicycle? Because in that box are a pair of semi-related to this story custom, one-of-a-kind New Balance I.F. edition M498s. How did this come to be? A certain New Balance employee who we will only refer to as Greg “The Leg” has a thing for I.F. and a way of arranging for his co-workers to embark on “special projects.” My question — who gets to rock the shoes?

For photos of the un-boxed shoes and the un-obscured bike click more…


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