Catlike had some fresh colors to liven up their helmets. The helmet itself isn’t new, but now you can get it in a rainbow of colors that fully match the visor, pads, straps and hardware.  So, if you’re a fan of their cheesegrater / golf ball / insert your own association here styling (which I am, though I don’t own one), click past the break to see the weight and some detail photos…

That’s 276g.


  1. In talking to them at Interbike, I believe that this is actually the Catlike Whisper Plus Deluxe or something like that. It has a new retention system which is much better, however, it is not coming to the US just yet. They had them there to get feedback on the retention system. After trying the old system and the new system, the new system is much better and feels more secure. I hope they produce them for the US! (they need to manufacture them specifically for the US since the standards are different than Europe’s…)

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