Oh boy, here we go again. After seemingly convincing the world the the found levels of Clenbuterol in his system were simply the results of tainted meat, now the AP is reporting that the day before said tests, Contador tested 8 times higher than the normal levels for plasticisers in the blood. Just what are plasticisers? Plasticisers are molecules from plastic that leech out when exposed to different solvents, including blood, over a period of time. Say if you were to  have blood stored in a plastic IV bag for any length of time, you get the picture.

The result of the increased plasticisers came on July 20th, just one day before Contador tested positive for Clenbuterol. All the evidence points to a possible self blood transfusion, meaning Contador may have infused himself with his own blood. Only time and the UCI will tell, but at this point it’s not looking good for El Pistolero.


  1. It now appears that three-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador has apparently eaten tainted meat- from a plastic cow. If anybody sees that he used this excuse, let me know, he owes me some $$$$.

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