Bikeage! is a straight-forward clothing and accessories line, with clean designs leaning towards the fixed gear crowd. Most importantly, they have a shirt with Sheldon Brown (RIP) on it, which is awesome because who doesn’t want a shirt with Sheldon Brown on it?

Says founder Dave Scrod, “The mission of Bikeage! is pretty simple: to create and offer straightforward, quality products to like-minded bike riders without the outrageous price tags too often associated with any sort of popular scene/culture/whatever. You may not find anything particularly “high fashion” here but you won’t find any bull**** either. I personally don’t think anyone should be trying to sell a t-shirt for 35 bucks and be able to sleep soundly.”


  1. I think their stuff is rad, especially seeing how much overpriced crap there is out there. I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff from them and they’re pretty awesome to deal with too. Cool to see it here.

  2. I love this company. I’ve ordered stuff from them. That dude who runs it has been in a few well known bands and has some solid ties to the fixed gear scene too. I saw a sneak peek of some stuff they’re doing for Leader Bike on Facebook that looks great!

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