There are some products that people will know in an instant if they want– or don’t.  It seems as though Feedback Sports’ new digital Chain Gauge might just one of those products.

The idea behind chain gauges is to inform mechanics (home and professional) when their chain is stretched to the point of damaging the rest- the more expensive parts- of their drivetrain such that they won’t work with a new chain.  Developed with the help of chain company KMC, Feedback’s Chain Gauge is basically a modified, spring-loaded digital caliper that measures chain stretch.  If .8mm or more stretch is measured, Feedback recommend chain replacement.  Their may be simpler chain gauges out there, but the Feedback provides more detailed information than others.  We brought one home from the show- look for a review after we’ve given it some use, comparing it to our trusty old mechanical chain gauge, and gathering some professional mechanics’ feedback.  $80 from your local bike shop.


  1. Because after Park stopped making their dial chain checker, mechanics were left with go/no go gauges. These are fine if you replace your chain on time, and you baby your chain checker. However, once a chain is past 1% stretch there is no way of telling just how blown out it is. Do you need a new cassette? Chainrings? Really no way to tell other than to guess and check. These digital gauges tell you just how blown out your chain really is, and due to the fact that you can zero them out means that they are constantly recalibrated. These aren’t for your average home mechanic, but will be one of my most used tools at the shop.

  2. Looking forward to having this. From a mechanics perspective, it can cover liability and bring in more income. For the cyclist, it protects their investment and maintains ultimate performance.

What do you think?