If you ever get a chance to talk to the Stan, do it. He’s super excited about what he does, and it shows when he’s talking about his products and technology.

At Interbike, he was proudly showing off his new 3.30Ti hubs. The rear has a new titanium 30-tooth engagement pawl that saves about 7g over the standard engagement ring. Oddly, that’s the only ti bit used to create the “Ti” version. But, they’ve taken out about 20g more weight with a little further machining and reshaping of the spoke flanges to improve lateral stability, particularly when laced to a 29er rim.  Effective pretty much immediately, all new ZTR Race wheelsets will start shipping with the ti hubs.  And, yes, those are 15mm thru axle adapters on the table.

He’s also working on a new ZTR Race 29er rim that’s 25g lighter than the current model, bringing it down to 305g. It should be in production early spring and shipping on all new wheels by April.

Pics and weights after the break…

The 3.30Ti hubs weigh in at 135.8g front and 232.5g rear.

A standard drive ring is on the left at almost 16g. Stan’s new Ti ring comes in at just 9g.

On the right is the new 29er rim prototype, and you can just make out the 305g written on the far side.


  1. Looks like they are just rebadged Chin haur hubs (rotaz, wtb, american classic, a2z). Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. @Colin: That is definitely a different engagement system that is available in the Chin haur hubs you’ve listed. The shell may be the same but the freehub is much better.

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