The Caleb road bike frame, Organic Bikes‘ greenest offering so far, is hand-crafted in Vietnam by James Wolfe.  Made from natural stalk bamboo with aluminum lugs, the frame will be available in sizes ranging from 51cm to 59cm.  The frames are made just an hour away from where the hand harvested bamboo is assembled.  Options include a completely customizable build.  The Caleb frame, currently in production will be available early 2011 and will retail for $899.

Also new this year for Organic Bikes is the Edwin Town Bike (pictured above).  The cruiser will accompany the Dylan in the line of around the town bikes and features a NuVinci N360 Hub.  Also made from bamboo tubes and aluminum lugs, the Edwin will come equipped with bamboo fenders and a bamboo farmer’s market rear rack with holders for not one but two cups of coffee!  The Edwin also touts a full size run ranging from XS to XL.  James Beck of Organic Bikes expects this to be a hot seller combining eco-style with the simplicity of the internal NuVinci hub.  The Edwin will also be available at the beginning of 2011 and has a price tag of $1599.

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