DT Swiss’ TwinShot damping is getting a little brother for 2011 model forks.

Called Single Shot, it’s a new, simplified damping system for XC forks that replaces their old XC damper. The updated damper has better oil flow and higher oil volume. Compression damping is now more speed sensitive, meaning it’ll be more plush on small chatter but soak up big hits better thanks to separate high and low speed compression circuits. The prior model had only a single compression circuit.

Versus the Twin Shot, you lose the ability to lower the fork and control compression settings externally, but there’s virtually no difference in weight (which is a plus for the higher end Twin Shot).

Compression damping is set internally, the top knob controls low-speed rebound and lockout. There’s a wider range of rebound adjustments now, and the lockout has a blowoff so you don’t hurt it on a big hit, but there’s no small movements like on some other brands’ forks (ie. Motion Control, etc.). Both the Single Shot and Twin Shot models have separate, internal high-speed rebound damping circuits.

Will be available on XRC 100, XRM 100, and XMM 120 and 140. Another trick little feature making it’s way to their forks is the integrated lockout cable guide on the crown, which tidies up the front end a bit for remote lockout-equipped forks…and there are versions of this for both alloy and carbon crowns.

What do you think?