LH Thomson’s working on a new Boxxer direct mount stem, shown above at left. It’ll have a 55mm length with slight drop available in January and a 30-35mm version with no drop will come out a month or two later. MSRP will be $99 at most, maybe less (fingers crossed).  The parts that you’ll get are just the two lighter black top pieces, they’re just mounted to a crown for display…and the black will be their super dark black when they’re ready to ship.

They also have some new 75mm and 95mm lengths for 1.5″ stems, which will be $99. The 95mm should be out in January, and the 75mm sometime later in the spring. Above right, you can see the 95mm setting next to their original shorty 1.5″ stem.

Not shown, they’re playing with some different Allen bolt head sizes for all of their stems to help keep home-based mechanics from over torquing the faceplate caps. They say what few warranty claims they have, most are related to over tightening of the bolts…and it’s also a safety issue, particularly with carbon handlebars since you can negatively affect the strength of the bar by overtightening.

Close up photos of the DM Boxxer stem after the break…


  1. Time for Thomson to step Up…

    parts getting ugly and old and after the Masterpiece seatpost no plans for other light parts for over 5 years.

  2. Classy, not ugly. Thomson stuff just works every time, there’s something to be said for that. Countless companies can do light faddish stuff, this is something special. I hope there’s never a Thomson carbon anything.

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