Park Tool has been there every year I have, handing out H20 and sunscreen

If you step back and take a look at the scale of which Interbike is held, it can be pretty overwhelming. Even more impressive is the ability to hold part of such an even outside, in the Nevada desert. Between the heat, wind, sand, and hoards of bike geeks it’s amazing it goes off as well as it does, which is largely in part to the amount of volunteers and people behind the scene.

Park Tool has always been right at the shuttle drop off point for as long as I have been going to Vegas, their tent staffed with great folks whose sole purpose is to keep attendees hydrated and sheltered from the sun.

Van's Protec Booth

There was always a huge line at the Van’s Protec booth, due to their tireless efforts to keep show goers fed and hydrated. Unlike the other food trucks at the show, the Van’s folks provided the incredible spread here, including fresh cooked bacon, for free, gratis. Kudos to the chef for some awesome bacon brats!

There were also countless other folks keeping the show moving that I didn’t get shots of, including security, the bag and gear check, and Henderson and LVPD. Thanks to everyone who made this, the last show in Vegas, such a success!

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