Interbike 2010: Lots of goodies from Formula

Could that be a new suspension fork?  Why yes it could!  The guys and girls at Formula have been busy over the past year or so, further developing their suspension fork and wheel lines- as well as some hop-ups to keep brake owners happily fiddling until those are released.  Hit the jump for more pictures and details…

Formula’s Thirty3 suspension fork is a “super light XC race fork” built around, appropriately enough, 33mm stanchions. No weight was available, but what we do know is that the air-sprung Thirty3 will be available with 80, 100, or 115mm travel, QR or QR15 lowers, and 1 1/8″ or tapered steerers and in black or white. If their brakes are any indication, the Thirty3 (and its subsequent longer-travel sibling) will be contenders in the suspension wars. Pricing and availability are not yet available.
Alongside the Thirty3 were a number of examples of Formula’s forthcoming Volo wheels.  The real excitement here is in the rear hub.  The hub shell extends well into the cassette body in order to better support the engagement mechanism, reduce uneven pawl loading, and increase hub life.  All of the current cross country standards were represented, and the hubs were shown laced to 26in and 29in scandium rims as well as a very handsome carbon tubular.  Pricing and availability are still to come…
Looking for an upgrade to Formula’s excellent range of brakes (look for an RX review here soon)?  For 2011, the company are offering retrofittable Feel Control System (FCS) leverage adjusters as well as Instant Reach Adjust (IRA) reach adjusters in both red and gold.  The $28/side IRS kit is an easy install (needing only a hose detachment and bleed) while the $42/side FCS upgrade is a bit more involved.  The a la carte approach allows buyers to pick only the features that they find valuable and keeps weights and prices for Formula’s Italian-made brakes very reasonable.


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