point-one-split-second-90-stem-frtonBike magpies that we are, it’s easy to get drawn into booths by shiny bits of aluminum.  At Interbike this week, normally downhill-oriented Point One Racing were showing off near-final prototypes of their new, longer 90mm Split-Second stem.  Startlingly light, the body of the Split-Second is machined from a block of aluminum and weighs in at ~140g 109g with Ti hardware and 119g with steel.  The weight is more impressive when the fact that the stem integrates a top cap and that weight also includes a top cap bolt.  There were still a few sharp edges on the prototype and the stem unfortunately won’t be available polished (black anodized or white powder coated only), but the Split-Second will probably be just as sexy when it becomes available in December for about $145 $149.  Click ‘more‘ for more photos.





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