“I Am A Legend” Race Photos From Mont Sainte Anne


Here’s a blast from the past with photos by Balint Hamvas from the I Am A Legend race at the 2010 Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada. The race had stars from the first 20 years of mountain bike racing. In the photo above, Balint poses with Greg Herbold and his racing machine.

Check out more pics after the break of Greg, Leigh Donovan, Kathy Sessler, Paola Pezzo, Ned Overend, Myles Rockwell and more… go here to see the rest of Balint Hamvas’ photo recording of this exciting and most interesting race!


Leigh Donovan and Kathy Sessler enjoying the moment.


Ned Overend in the lead of a “most unusual peloton”!


Paola Pezzo!


Myles Rockwell adding a little flair to the race.


Monkey the famous bike mechanic at the start of the race.


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