Specialized is introducing their new Purist water bottles. They use a squirt valve like the CamelBak Podium bottles that require no fiddling to open or close them, just squeeze to drink. Mash the top down to lock it shut. They’re BPA free and the real claim to fame is a silicon dioxide infused interior that supposedly rinses clean easily and won’t let mold grow, meaning you can simply rinse out your sports drink, refill with water and the water won’t have any sports-drink flavor


  1. +1 for topmounter comment….I have 2 Podium bottles and have only one complaint – you need to squeeze too hard to get flow. Every time I hit a bike shop that carries the bottles I’ll give them a squeeze to see if perhaps I have a couple manufactured under less than acceptable tolerances but the answer I come up with is, “no”.

    Specialized, please make them slightly softer than Podiums and I’ll make the jump!

    Tim F: did you somehow shave the plastic away to achieve the “easiest squeezing bottles around”? Go into any bike shop and do a comparison and you’ll definitely change that tune…go to other websites and you’ll see the masses would not agree w/ your statement; but alas we’re all entitled to our maintain our own beliefs and if they’re perfect for you, well you’re a lucky one. Me, not so lucky.


  2. Glad to see these bottles finally made it out! I got one bottle to test long term and enjoy it a lot. The bottle maintains its easy squeeze properties, a popular trait of Specialized bottles. The inner coating really does work, I have left water in the bottle for over a week and tasted it afterward and it tastes like fresh water without any plastic taste, it is also very easy to clean, and the bottle does not absorb sport drink mix! I agree that Podium bottles are difficult to squeeze, on a long ride it can make your hand cramp.

  3. I fail to see the allure of the Podium bottle. I own a number of them and they are a pain in the a** to keep clean, requiring complete disassembly of the cap. Which over a short period of time then weakens the attachment of the valve assembly to the cap. Then you’re buzzing along the flats, you grab the bottle, take a drink, need to bite the assembly for just a moment because you need both hands on the bars to stabilize for something in the road, bottle separates completely from the valve and jettisons into the road. Happened to me, not worth it. Traditional bottles are where it’s at.

  4. The bottles are great! I’ve been using test sample as well and I pretty much drink everything out of it. Between CytoMax, Iced Tea, and water – everything tastes like it should. Just rinse it with warm water, maybe a little soap and it’s good to go. And definitely squeezable!

  5. BK – I guess I should qualify my statement.

    I work at a bike shop, so I’m around the bottles all the time. The Podiums I was referring to is the Chill Jacket (the 1st gen insulated version, now just called the “Chill”), which have replaced my old BPA-laden Nalgeen as my bottle of choice for anything. But like every other bike shop in the world, our bottles are manufactured by Specialized. So I went into my kitchen and grabbed 4 different bottles: a Camelbak Podium 24oz, a Camelbak Podium Chill Jacket 21 oz, a 20oz shop bottle (Specialized), and a Polar insulated 24oz. The Polar sets the standard for cool liquids on long rides but requires hands like a vice to squeeze, even after 4 years of being run through the dishwasher. Next in line was the Standard Podium. This is my backup bottle for when I can’t find any of my Chill Jackets (usually means they’re all with my wife at work). When squeezed side-by-side with the shop bottle I will admit that the Podium plastic is a little more resilient. But the same comparison between the Chill Jacket and the shop bottle produced negligible, if any, difference. For me the Jet Valve top makes the Chill Jackets a winner.

    I’ve not had any of the problems “plum” mentioned. I rarely put drink mix in them, so for me cleaning is a regular run through the dishwasher with the occasional disassembly of the Jet Valve in some hot soapy water. I have yet to lose a bottle like he mentioned.

    Perhaps I’ve just found my golden goose. That is until the Purist bottle comes out. Then I’ll just have to wait and see.

  6. Wilson, botles are manufactured in Specialized headquarters in Morgan Hill CA. Polar is proboably the one making most of them in Asia.

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