dznuts-bald-shaving-lotion-cream dznuts-warming-embrocation

DZ Nuts seems to be jumping on the Dr. Evil bandwagon with their new product, Bald. The “Super Smooth Shaving Cream” is designed for “effortless shaving of large swaths of even the most rugged manscape.” It’s formulated to glide smooth without clogging your razor, prevent irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs and has a cooling and soothing effect.

Coming a little bit later this year is In Heat, DZ’s new warming embrocation cream. It’ll come in three heat levels – low, medium and high heat – to warm and loosen muscles prior to exercise. Made from natural ingredients, it says it’ll form a protective barrier between the skin and the cold, wet winter air. Natural vasodilators may improve exercise efficiency, and plant-based glucose polymers claim to “deliver bio-mimetic glycogen to the skin cells.”

While you wouldn’t want to use In Heat immediately after Bald, as Dr. Evil says, there’s nothing quite like a shorn…

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