1. That’s some fairly aggressive riding for just lycra…though I did notice a few pairs of knee pads. And what self-respecting cyclist (road or mountain) doesn’t wear socks that at least cover their ankles? They did a good job of keeping the bike’s brand concealed until the water bottle handoff shot. Though it makes me want to buy a Trek, not an Audi.

  2. Real classy, Audi. I especially like the guy throwing his water bottle away in the woods and the car splashing it’s oily, grimy underside through that alpine creek. : \

  3. I like it when the dude falls down…”Ooof”
    Wonder if that was in the original script, I can’t imagine how someone would voluntarily wipe out. Might as well use the footage if it happened though.

  4. Come on guys, this is an awesome commercial. Most people have no idea what mountain biking is all about, and although it isn’t really realistic (i.e. the concept of a freeride pelaton complete w/ pimped out sag wagons), it’s pretty rad IMHO. The whole tossing the water bottle is just to mimic what we see in competition road riding all the time. I don’t think they meant to imply we should dump our water bottles trail side.

  5. Cmon, socks should only just cover the ankle at best, and sockless is perfectly valid option. Any socks that extend more than an inch above the ankle are morally suspect.

    I am afraid I have to agree with topmounter, this isn’t the sort of image I want projected about mountain biking. It portrays us exactly the arrogant thrill seekers that get banned.

    I do however like the image of the Q5 as simply a support vehicle for a real mode of transport 🙂

  6. – The dude falling was not in the script.
    -Thank you Kimsh for understanding the idea. The reference isTour de France. Only Audi quattro could be a support vehicle for mountain bike.
    – The red shirt is tossing the bottle to establish both him and the bottle in the story.

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