Look Power's internal electronics
Look Power's internal electronics

Last year at Interbike, all the road guys obsessed with watts couldn’t stop talking about MetriGear’s Vector Power Meter, and for good reason. With a power meter that fit’s into a set of pedals, Riders are no longer forced into one wheel, or one crank so that they can measure power on their bike. With a pedal based system, if a rider can swap pedals, he or she can easily measure output on any of their bikes.

Unfortunately for MetriGear and its fans, the Vector hasn’t materialized since it was debuted last year. However, Look and Polar have no issue stepping up to take their place. If their prediction of a spring 2011 release to market comes true, Look Power will be the first pedal based power meter available to consumers.

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The axle’s internal system utilizes eight strain gauges coupled with a lightweight transmitter that attaches to the back of the axle once the pedal is attached to the crankarm. Keo Power will offer continuous power output accurate to +/- 2%.

In addition to all of the installation and swapping benefits a pedal based power system offers, it also may serve as a training tool to correct bio-mechanical pedaling issues. According to Polar, the system is able to analyze left – right deficiencies and imbalances allowing for riders and coached to better hone in on the perfect pedaling stroke.

That’s all the information we have for now, but you can count on us checking the new system out next week at Interbike!


  1. Really? Please just create a slim one that slides under a riders insole….if you can fit it in a pedal you can fit it in a shoe. I don’t know about most riders but my group (myself included) all have pedals for each bike that stay on the bike…we don’t switch.

  2. Dead in the water if you ask me without ANT+ technology…if not compatible with garmin then why bother? Polar products and especially service are horrible.

  3. bk… MicroSport was the MetriGear of InterBike ’06, They had an Insole based PowerMeter… Unfortunately, also vaporware…
    Without ANT+, I don’t see this getting much market traction…(not that the proposed cost isn’t already a deal breaker).
    Polar/Look are fighting a VHS/BETA battle that for the foreseeable future they are destined to lose.

  4. Don’t see this product getting much acceptance. Will see if they actually make it to market in time for next cycling season. Polar’s track record of delivering product when they announce is not great, they are always months behind what their press releases say.

    At an estimated 1800 euros without a computer according the info from Eurobike not sure who would buy. Not being able to use other computers with the product is also not a great thing as it may limit use of data analysis products such as WKO+ etc as typically polar does not like to cooperate with other companies.

  5. I have 3, count them, 3 freaking PowerTaps on various wheels. I’ve been waiting and waiting for MetriGear to give a hard release date. Rumor is that SpeedPlay has been giving them a lot of trouble and that they are running out of money.

    Now Polar comes along with the same thing without ANT+. USELESS. Won’t buy it. Dead in the water.

  6. I have 1 pair of pedals(that are look) that i switch between at least 3 bikes. TT/road/ and track. a system like this would mean 1 pedal would be able to be used on each bike. whereas my 303 powertap can NOT be used on my track bike and is a disadvantage in tts. i can ride lighter wheels instead of my heavy powertap. and ANT+???? not that important. i have had less trouble with my polar stuff than i have with my powertap.

  7. I’m a long time PowerTap and Polar user and have always wanted a power meter I could use in TT’s, cross and training without draining my 401k for all those PT wheels. I prefer the Polar computers anyway-I still have one from 1985 that is still ticking. ANT+ would work with my Garmin, but I only use that when I don’t know where I’m going or need a brick to hold the door open-not for a bike computer. I can’t wait for these-please! before I get that Zipp disk powertap wheel and a divorce.

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